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This is a rpg about the book the cirque du freak The Saga of Darren Shan.
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 Vampires and Vampaneze

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PostSubject: Vampires and Vampaneze   Wed Aug 23, 2006 7:13 pm

In The Saga of Darren Shan vampaneze are the vampire's worst enemy and uneasy cousins. An uneasy truce between the roaring factions existed, but the meddling of Mr Tiny destroys this plunging both sides into the terrible war of the scars. For all time, Vampires only drank as much blood as they needed, never killing their victims. A few vampires disagreed with this, and broke off of the vampire clan. They called themselves the vampaneze, and killed whenever they drank by draining their victims dry, a practice they defended by the flicker of a persons soul they absorbed every time they killed, therefore preserving their existence. This larger dosage of feeding resulted in their skin turning purple and their lips, nails, hair, and eyes becoming blood red. Half-vampaneze still kill, but don't kill as often. They have normal coloring and can move about during the day, unlike full-vampaneze. (Or full-vampires, for that matter.) Vampaneze live slightly longer than vampires, but otherwise have the same powers. They never lie or use long distance weapons, such as guns or arrows, and are fiercely brave and loyal.
Shan's concept of the vampire differs from the Hollywood moaning, neck-biting kind. His vampires cannot fly, morph, and will not kill their prey. They do not have sharp teeth, and neither holy water nor the cross are effective against them. A stake to the heart does kill them, though so does a bullet. The closest they resemble flying is something called "flitting"; when vampires sprint, they move so fast that the naked eye cannot see them. They take their extremely sharp nails and make a small incision into, usually, the back of your arm to take as much blood as they need and close the cut with their spit, which has special healing powers. Full vampires can knock out a person with special gas that they breathe through their mouths. Half-vampires don't need as much blood to survive as full-vampires do. They aren't as strong, fast, or tough as full-vampires are, but their strengths in these areas are far greater than a human's. They can move about during the day, but cannot flit, communicate telepathically, or heal cuts with their spit.

When the Vampaneze first broke off, they made a peace treaty with the Vampires, which said they would not interfere with each other. Eventually, it became too much to bear, and they were at war, which is what a lot of the books focus on in the series
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Vampires and Vampaneze
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